The fundamental foundations of the DHA Health Facilities do provide excellence, convenience, and unified health service. The officials aim to create a dynamic work environment that stimulates skilled healthcare workers. They will gain their patients’ trust by having an enthusiastic workforce and by giving them first-rate care and support.

Dubai Health Authority (DHA) is an organization created by the Department of Health and Medical Services according to Law 13 to advance the healthcare industry and exclusively concentrate on the provision of healthcare services. The DHA Health Regulation Department (HRD) is the body in charge of licensing healthcare personnel. HRD issues licenses for someone who has the appropriate experience and competencies to provide excellent clinical services in Dubai.

The DHA test is an obligatory licensure test including all health professionals engaged in functioning in the Emirate of Dubai. Regardless of whether a person is a healthcare practitioner who has years of experience or just commencing their profession, DHA certification seeks to certify the personnel before joining the Dubai medical market.

According to the Dubai Health Authority, the government places a high priority on values that set the benchmark for Dubai’s medical facilities, including customer satisfaction, efficiency, excellence, and transparency. With working experience of a term of 2 years, individuals can sign up with DHA, which is a regulatory board for all healthcare providers in the medical industry. There are several DHA exams suitable for a particular medical career. From Affiliated Healthcare workers to Dental care, Physician, Psychology, Or Nursing, the DHA supervises licenses and permits for all medical personnel in Dubai. To pass the DHA Prometric exam, one can follow the mentioned tactics and can gain a better score:

  • Understand the DHA exam syllabus thoroughly: One should develop a clear idea about the syllabus of the DHA exam. They should be clear about the exam pattern and the questions that frequently come in the exam. It is crucial for every applicant for the exam to take the necessary time required to research and go through the syllabus. One should examine all the chapters and prepare themselves accordingly. It is also important to note that the syllabus is different for different levels of healthcare professionals, so applicants should search properly.
  • Knowing about the duration of the exam: Applicants should be aware of the duration of the exam. Recently, it has been acknowledged that the DHA Prometric exam has been extended to 2 hours. The questions are mainly of multiple-choice type. Knowing the exam duration always assists the candidates in managing the time and clearing the sections according to their convenience.
  • Attend mock tests: Once a candidate develops a sound knowledge about the syllabus and the duration of the exam, they should try to attend the mock tests held by several educational platforms all over the world. This will help them to get a clear idea about the exam pattern, helps them to manage their time properly, and to see how well they are prepared for the exam. Since most of these mock tests focus on the original exam pattern and checking procedure, candidates can surely rely on the results.
  • Go through previous year’s questions: A Candidate should always go through the previous year’s questions to see the trend of the question pattern and which part of the syllabus covers the most amount of questions. This will help them to prepare for the exam on an even larger scale and might help them to crack the exam within a short period.
  • Being updated: In DHA exams, a new notification may get popped out from the authority, so candidates should follow their websites and be updated about the changes being made in the exam conduction and patterns. Sometimes, it becomes difficult for the applicants to keep track of the new notifications, so for them, there is an option to recommend any qualified DHA consultancy. These organizations have experienced professionals who will constantly give their clients important news regarding the examination.
  • Type of test: The DHA prometric exam may conduct either orally or through CBT modes. So candidates should be aware of the type of test they are going to take. Acceding to the type, the preparation also depends, so this is one of the crucial tips that applicants should follow at any point in time.

With the license gained by medical personnel by passing the DHA exam, they will be presented with options to work in the Dubai healthcare sector. Besides, this certification will also aid them in grabbing many valuable opportunities. As a result, to jumpstart their career, one must vigorously prepare for the DHA exam and concentrate on passing on the very first try.

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