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If you’re looking for healthcare professional licensing in United Arab Emirates (UAE), we are happy to help you. We provide all different kinds of licensing assistance for doctors, dentists, nurses, and other allied health professionals. This license varies from different profession. Professionals in healthcare needs to apply for the license and pass all required skills test and assessments to obtain one.

A license is a formal recognition that is given by the state authorities to practice the healthcare profession. For that you need to pass all the examinations. Generally, it requires all educational degrees, training and examination to demonstrate the competency. It also involves things like continuing education, regular practice and periodic re-examination.
In case, if the person is seeking for license in another emirate, the existing license and other part of any disciplinary records is also consider as a part of the licensing process in the new emirate. There are many different types of license, such as

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Healthcare Licensing Services for Physicians, Dentists, Nurses & Allied Health Professionals

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DHA Licensing

Dubai Healthcare Authority (DHA) provides willing people to start a medical career in the Dubai Emirates with a license.

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MOH Licensing

The MOH License is an official permit offered to the medical practitioners wanting to work in Sharjah and other northern Emirates in UAE

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DOH Licensing

Abu Dhabi health authority requires that the healthcare professionals working over there obtain a license from the authority.

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DHCC Licensing

Dubai healthcare city (DHCC) is one of the leading wellness destinations in UAE. It brings together a host of healthcare services.

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Healthcare Licensing Services for Doctors, Dentists, Nurses & Allied Health Professionals

“I enquired the website of Infom Healthcare Management Consultancy exact four weeks before I passed my DHA licensing examination. The process and the service are crystal clear where we could trust the best. I’m very happy that I did my processing with them”

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